Dwell Roosevelt condominiums

1026 NE 65th St.


This mishmash condo comes with a smokestack.

Who knows what they’re incinerating in there.

Oh, the smell, that’s why the windows are so small.

Now that’s urban planning for you.

This building is such a unique neighborhood landmark, you can say, “Meet me in front of the baby blue, copper, salmon, beige, sandstone building for lunch.”

Alfaretta apts./ Seneca Towers condominiums

802 Seneca St.


In these days of Seattle condo market freefall, we don’t build new condos. We almost tear down old buildings that were perfectly livable and leave them undemolished while making web sites about the fancy condo towers that we might build. This near pile of rubble one year later is the site of the “Seneca Towers

The developer Levin Menzies, living in California, seems to have lost interest in this project.

This is also what happens when you let developers run your city.

Florena condominiums

413 NE 70th St.

The big condo cake pan plops out another one, this time on top of a bank.
How fitting.

Although, the bank might feel like it’s a monkey on their back these days.

Conversely, the condo peeps will know every time they come home if their bank has gone out of business or not.

One thing though, they do have a nice helipad for helicopters that weigh under 10 lbs.

Evanston Square condominiums

600 North 85th St.


Condos inspired by FEMA. The upshot is they won’t last.

In the meantime, pray that these trees grow as fast as possible.

Um, what’s with the flying nun suite in the corner?


This condo is unholy.”

Sapphire condominiums

424 North 85th Street


Clearly, Bozo the design clown got this contract.

We’ve read this was a conversion rather than new construction.

It appears to be a self-storage building converted to a cheerfully striped mega-shed.

Just so you know, we don’t just toss the word “mega” around.


This wee house surrounded by no parking signs is the immediate neighbor.


Howdy, neighbor!!!

The new urban blandscape sweeping through Seattle