Pine and Belmont St. empty lot

Pine and Belmont St.

Developer: Murray Franklin


How’s that Pike/Pine lifestyle working out for all of you?

By now, many of you know how this story goes.

Once there was a great historic block of bars, small shops and no Cingular, Subway sandwiches, Starbucks, suburban sprawl ugliness etc…

All was torn down to make way for condos for people to enjoy what was demolished. (Sigh.)

Now two years on and counting… (The developer must be waiting for the cheapshit condo market to rebound.)

We at CSC request that the city government climb out of the developers’ pockets to show some love to the neighborhood by requiring the developer to turn this space into an area for terrific public use.

We suggest that the developer provide an area where bands and free BBQ could be enjoyed on weekends. During the months of inclement weather a geodesic dome could provide shelter.

In addition, a portion of the area should be a p-patch garden.

The mayor’s number is: (206) 684-4000. His name is Greg and he’s waiting to hear from you.

Bucky Ball.

1700 E. Madison St. apartments

1700 E. Madison St.
Developer: Ed Linardic
Architect: n/a
1700 Madison

Occasionally we come across a building that is a rental, but is so ugly and poorly designed that we have to include it here.

Although, we suspect that it was intended to be a condominium, it’s not any more reasonable as a rental as some of these apartments rent for over $2000 a month. ‘cough, cough’

We guess that the developer was inspired to dumpster dive through the Trader Joe’s garbage next door and ferret away empty boxes and egg containers to use as building materials.

That is the only apparent explanation for the look of the exterior of this building.

According to some reviews of the building, the inside has fared no better.

Tavona condominiums

3333 Wallingford Ave.

Developer: Pelar LLC

Architect: Curtis Beattie and Associates

Tavona condos

We looked up what a Tavona is, or does, and found nothing. And no, it’s not Italian for The cutting edge of urban living.

We guess it just sounded like the right quasi European luxury condo name to give this project after running it through Condonamer 2.0.

We feel that to make this condo really stand out everyone who lives here should change their name to Tavona. It has a nice beige gender neutral sound that doesn’t offend anybody. Pets too.

Those garden nursery columns are really holding up the whole thing nicely.

It’s a good thing they are protected by a modern security feature of concrete barriers in front to prevent a disaster by keeping errant traffic from taking them out.

Also, if your friends live on the second floor above the columns you can knock on their floor if you don’t feel like using the buzzer.

John…, I mean Tavona, are you home?

Cobrizo condominiums

4020 Aurora Ave. N

Developer: Kauri Investments
Architect: Warren Pollock & Associate

Cobrizo condos

From their website…

“The Cobrizo @ Lake Union, combines affordability with spectacular views of Lake Union. The buildings trendy industrial exterior flows into the interior where interesting colors, angles and transitions between rooms emulate an active urban lifestyle.”

WTF are they talking about?!?

By “emulate an active urban lifestyle” they must mean living directly on one of Seattle’s biggest highways, Aurora.

Do not actively run across the highway in front, you will die.

We hope they plan to “transition” some of those “interesting” copper colored “angles” out of existence.

We are left to wonder about the “trendy industrial exterior.” Are enormous faux snake skin panels the new brick?

Finally, we read “affordability” as we really can’t sell these for very much.

And a special note for the bank: After foreclosure, these condos might “transition” most easily into the neighborhood as a sex club called “Ride the Wave”.

Tangletown condominiums

2101 N 55th St.


Ahoy matey, it’s the S.S. Tangletown! She’s been beached.

Now marooned in Greenlake and listing terribly.

We love the open air reception desk out front. Is that the sales center?

Anyone for a game of shuffleboard on the deck?

P.S. We’re sorry that the neighborhood has become a food desert now that the developers tore down the supermarket… and have yet to replace it. I hope there’s fish in the lake. Those geese are looking kind of fat too.

The new urban blandscape sweeping through Seattle