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Marlborough condominiums

1224 Boren Ave.



This is a beautiful building on First Hill and definitely deserving preservation.

We at CSC weep to see it unfinished and in foreclosure, empty and no good to anyone when so many people who lived there must have been happy before being evicted for a condo conversion.

In the spirit of gambling we suggest a house sitting lottery. Maybe a bake off, pie eating contest or bingo tournament to allow people to live in and care for this lovely building. Who needs another empty condo. We are sure that buildings miss their tenants.

Maybe the nice gentleman Kevin will be so kind as to arrange such a competition

Cheers and best of luck! (We already know what we’re going to bake.)

Vine condominiums

2607 Western Ave


…Another medley building.

Burnt sienna? Mocha? Navajo beige? Stone that floats?Ahhh! I can’t decide… All of them, give me ALL of them!

Clearly this building is suffering from disease known as Mangoltberg’s Syndrome or Hesitantly Indecisive Disorder (H.I.D.) Scientists have been unable to agree whether this is a disabling or incapacitating manifestation or a disease. While contagion among humans has been reported, HID is most manifest in new condominium and townhouse construction.

Take the questionnaire to see if you are suffering from H.I.D.

Fini condominiums

6801 Greenwood Ave. N.


The multi-color craze spreads to Phinney Ridge. When you can’t decide on your favorite color, just use them all.

Daffodil, sage, daffodil, sage, “brick,” . . . repeat.

This mixed-up behemoth looms over Greenwood Ave. like a windblown spore from Belltown.

OMG, it’s a pandemic!!


Bellagio condominiums

745 Bellevue Ave. Ebellagio-condos

The Facadio is more like it. It looks like stone, ’till you knock on the facade, only to realize it’s made of delicious Italian nougat and rice cake. You can snack on it while waiting for the bus.

You’ve got the aqueduct archways, Rapunzel tower and Embassy Suites attachment.

We’re all for roof top decks, eaves and balconies, but this is quite a Mediterranean medley.

Like a sweaty uncle at the wedding who won’t button up his shirt and wears a lot of cologne, it’s heavy on the grope.

We’ve been groped by an Italian nougat building… That’s a whole lot of wrong.

Balfour Point condominiums

415 W. Republican St.


A hefty piece of the Death Star fell out of orbit to land in Queen Anne.
It narrowly missed the tiny house next door.

Now in Seattle, this building offers stern looking corrugated siding, and tough squinty windows for discerning members of the Galactic Empire. This substation boasts fetching interiors with a formidable array of turbolasers, tractor beams, trash compactors, as well as all manner of detention blocks and interrogation cells.

The building has easy, smooth walkways for convenient android access.