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Riverwalk at Redmond condominiums

15821 Leary Way NE
Redmond, WA

Developer: Roger Nix/ on the lam

Architect: unavailable/embarrassed


Condominium developer Roger Nix has gone missing.

Last known whereabouts: building new condominium complexes so cheap that units are falling apart only a few years after construction.

Last seen: dissolving his LLC and running away with the profits, leaving residents stranded with huge repair costs and no legal recourse.

Purported to be: in Mexico or the Caribbean with suitcases full of money.

So you might be asking, “Where was the oversight on this project?”

Well, it turns out the city inspected the building before it was completed, and clearly before they started growing Kombucha on the walls. We’d like to point out to all aspiring builders, waterproof everything is essential in the Northwest. For God’s sake, look out the window. It’s raining.

Clearly, the worst part of this whole situation is that good people got stuck with an irreparable money pit that ended up being literally poisonous to live in.

The rest of us get to look at this sponge-paint, rice-cake, faux-plywood, rectangle-of-a-low-slung, small-windowed shoe box. That brown wood above the doors isn’t repair in progress, but rather “accent” coloring. We at CSC vote that in five years they pop this thing onto a double wide, and move it to Aurora Avenue to join the other run down hotels.

Photo: Seattle Times