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Viva Apartments

Developer: Alliance Residential (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dave Knight, development manager at Alliance

Architect: Mrs. Johnson’s 5th grade class

Viva apartments


Viva, can you feel the excitement…?

Can you feel the cutting edge of the big brown slice?

It cuts so deep the developers had to reapply for design permits.

We wonder how many pages it took to say less windows and more brown corrugated shed covering.

Or perhaps, the sad brown is just primer. What color do you think they’re really going to paint it?

For future reference to developers, and for the love of God, Cap Hill is not a place.

It’s Capitol Hill.




Alfaretta apts./ Seneca Towers condominiums

802 Seneca St.


In these days of Seattle condo market freefall, we don’t build new condos. We almost tear down old buildings that were perfectly livable and leave them undemolished while making web sites about the fancy condo towers that we might build. This near pile of rubble one year later is the site of the “Seneca Towers

The developer Levin Menzies, living in California, seems to have lost interest in this project.

This is also what happens when you let developers run your city.