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1521 Second Avenue condominiums

1521 Second Ave.

Cheapshitcondos received this press release from a law office. We don’t know anything about this case, nor do we feel any particular compassion for the “confident few,” but we are posting this PR anyways.

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At least the “confident few” won’t be afraid to get some urban livin’ with smoky teryaki on the corner, casual dinner at The Turf, frequent the mega stripclub behind the building or score some drugs just steps away from their front door.


The developer claims it built an elite, high-end condominium project. Eight buyers have now sued that developer, saying that their units have entrances that are less than high end, and lower than promised.

The buyers filed suit today in King County Superior Court, seeking return of their deposits and damages against Opus, a major northwest developer. Opus is finishing the high-rise condominium project at 1521 Second Avenue in downtown Seattle .

The condominiums are “designed exclusively for the confident few,” according to Opus’ literature. The website refers to “unparalleled interiors,” and “generously proportioned” spaces. Prices start at $1 million, and prices for upper units exceed $4 million. The project has 148 units on 38 floors.

The buyers allege that Opus and its “development partner,” William Justen, specifically promised 8-foot doors and high ceilings. The entries to the units in question now have 7-foot doors and ceilings as low as seven feet. The complaint alleges that the changes breached the contracts for purchase of the units. It seeks return of deposited funds and unspecified damages.

…blah, blah, blah.

For the price tag on these condos, we at Cheapshitcondos not only want another damn foot on our doors, but insist on a firepole, a helipad, and a jet pack. Thank you, and please don’t make us suin’ mad.

Lumen condominiums

501 Roy St.

Diagnosis: Condo anemia with complications of stripmall signage.

Symptoms include: pale appearance, weariness, apathy, listlessness, susceptibility to aggressive stripmall signage.

If left untreated, further spread of signage rash and complete decrepitude.

Get well soon!

Site 17 condominiums

2440 Western Avenue

Kudos to Site 17 for recycling old shipping containers to make this building.

Are these condos color-coded according to price?

So, the yellow ones with the skid marks and wee windows are cheaper?

Is that a giant bingo ball on the roof? We love gambling…