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McGuire Apartments

210 Wall Street

Developer: Carpenter’s Tower LLC

Architect: in hiding

Local papers report:

Developer Surprised That Rock Bottom, Cheap-Assed Construction Doesn’t Last.

That’s right, so badly constructed, it’ll be torn down this year.

This tower of low standards and quick money was constructed in 2001 and is soon to be demolished. We at CSC hate to see people tossed out in the streets because their building is coming apart and hope everyone gets loads of compensation, free-packing services, kegs for moving day and a year’s worth of massage.

Cheapshitcondos is taking bets on the next building(s) to follow.

(A note to the builders: Waterproof grout is essential in Seattle.)

Vine condominiums

2607 Western Ave


…Another medley building.

Burnt sienna? Mocha? Navajo beige? Stone that floats?Ahhh! I can’t decide… All of them, give me ALL of them!

Clearly this building is suffering from disease known as Mangoltberg’s Syndrome or Hesitantly Indecisive Disorder (H.I.D.) Scientists have been unable to agree whether this is a disabling or incapacitating manifestation or a disease. While contagion among humans has been reported, HID is most manifest in new condominium and townhouse construction.

Take the questionnaire to see if you are suffering from H.I.D.

Site 17 North condominiums

2504 Western Ave.


Welcome to Silo 17.

This condo is the diminutive cousin of the larger Site 17 condos across the street.

The little condo that couldn’t.

Forlorn and alone, it stands weeping rust down it corrugated facade.

Site 17 condominiums

2440 Western Avenue

Kudos to Site 17 for recycling old shipping containers to make this building.

Are these condos color-coded according to price?

So, the yellow ones with the skid marks and wee windows are cheaper?

Is that a giant bingo ball on the roof? We love gambling…