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West Water condominiums

6960 California Ave SW

Developer: Gamel/Mastro

Architect: in hidingWest Water condo

It’s like the flagstone stairs and the orange awnings are leading somewhere else.

Maybe the building is in the witness protection program and not really two abysmally beige condo boxes.

We suspect under the sober facade is a fun land of fountains, gambling and speakeasies.

On the record, these luxurious flagstone stairs lead to a fine (somber) example of West Seattle’s “luxury condos” with units around $239,000.  OMG!?

Loft 42 condominiums

6547 42nd Ave SW

Developer: Urban Seattle LLC

Architect: West Ventures LLC

Loft 42 street

Street View

Loft 42 alley

Alley View

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vex (věks) tr.v. vex·ing

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We visited West Seattle. Good thing we had our pocket dictionary with us to get past our loss for words. Even the 1950s house next door looks stunned. Well, it is a lot of down-tempo green.