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East Village Condominiums (Boston Mass.)

Cheapshitcondos received an email asking for some feedback on a condo project slated to begin construction later this year just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Included are some design elevations. Please include your own comments too…

I came across your website, and I agree with your observations. I am designing a condo project here in Massachusetts, and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind critiquing it for me.
I am getting these condos approved in Lynn, Mass. It is a lower income city 11 miles north of Boston, Mass.
I am building 4 buildings, each with 36 or 38 units. I would love your thoughts, keep in mind that these condos are going to sell for $119,900 to $189,900 in a very high priced region of the country.

Thank you very much, Dave Potter

With regard to appearances we feel the building is getting too multiple-colored and has smallish windows.
Large windows make people happier.
We appreciate the relatively simple shape of the building which avoids the cobbled together bargain shed and shipping container look. It’s just our opinion, but for a nice sense of symmetry
we feel the domed windows on the roof line could be repeated on the other side too, if possible. We also hope the units will have tall ceilings.
Tall ceilings make people happier.

Lastly, we would like to see these building able to change shape into a free-standing robot, à la Transformers, which would make everyone happier.