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Viva Apartments

Developer: Alliance Residential (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dave Knight, development manager at Alliance

Architect: Mrs. Johnson’s 5th grade class

Viva apartments


Viva, can you feel the excitement…?

Can you feel the cutting edge of the big brown slice?

It cuts so deep the developers had to reapply for design permits.

We wonder how many pages it took to say less windows and more brown corrugated shed covering.

Or perhaps, the sad brown is just primer. What color do you think they’re really going to paint it?

For future reference to developers, and for the love of God, Cap Hill is not a place.

It’s Capitol Hill.




Citizen apartments

1222 East Madison, Seattle

Developer: Wallace Properties

Architect: Kevin Cleary at Baylis Architects


Uh oh, oooh noooo!  Are those cantaloupe accents on the windows?  Hey!  Maybe the sills are scratch and sniff, and the building will waft sweet melon on the breeze.  Otherwise, this is truly unsupportable . . . and we would have preferred strawberry.

In keeping with the neighborhood doesn’t mean matching the Public Storage on the next block. 

Sigh.  Here we go again.

May we suggest a “housing recovery” that doesn’t assault the senses.


Astoundingly Beautiful Funeral

711 Bellevue Ave E.

We at CSC were a bit down in the mouth after wandering though these old digs.  Big, old houses with lives and details to spare…if only the walls could talk.


The prognosis is terminal. They’re coming down and the predictable multi units are going up. We cross our fingers for something good, or dare we hope even great, but we wouldn’t bet on that pony.

Hooray for the art, and so much love for the neighborhood. People wandering through kept commenting on how much they loved the houses, and writing longing letters of unrequited residential adoration in the guest books.

A secret shout out to the little red house in the back. We love you.


Will anyone ever love the new condos/apartments/giant vinyl crates this much?




Veduta condominiums revisited


Oh Veduta…

Look again… Those aren’t new balconies.

Could it be siding repair? OMG! New siding, already?  We gasp.

Another vinyl siding replacement job in Seattle, the rainy city.  Vinyl siders, put on your rain boots, draw up a business plan, and come join the vinyl rush.  The new backbone of our economy is repairing the super crap that was thrown up during our last bubble.  Is this the new wave of the economy, or just sucking us out to sea?  Whatever!

Dig Slow

230 Broadway Ave. E



OMG!!  Call Punxsutawney Phil.  It’s like Groundhog Day, déja vu all over again, an ill received condo project in the heart of the neighborhood.  If it sees its shadow will it go back in its hole?

Diiiiiig, Slooooooow.