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SoHo Townhomes (Atlanta Ga.)

201 Howard St. SE Atlanta, GA

Architect: Rutledge-Alcock

Developer: Corrugated-Multi-Colored-Metal-Tool Sheds/Condos Inc.

JP Peterson from Atlanta, Georgia writes:

I came across your site and thought I share your pain a bit. This is “BLDG 1” (denoted by the $.69 stick on letters, center, between the brick and Hardie plank, lower 1/3 center) of SoHo, in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood. This is the view from the porch swing of our 1923 bungalow. Sunday I’m going to the open house and I’m going to straighten that cheap paper lamp in the model unit’s window (center right).

Let’s enumerate the facade materials:

1. Assorted silver tone metal. Aluminum doors and windows, silver painted railings, raw galvanized drip edge.

2. Beige concrete block. Left end unit facade.

3. Beige Stucco. Between the windows, in the setbacks, three of the six stair planters

4. Shit brown bricks. At the foundation line (except the concrete block unit), between the lower windows (like a toothy grin on a Jack o’ Lantern), the remaining three stair planters.

5. Shit brown plywood. The whimsical inverted dorsal fins that divide the balconies, the frieze and facia.

6. Chartreuse Hardie Plank. In profusion.

7. Raw concrete stairs

8. Beige painted wood. Balcony edges, assorted trim.

9. (unseen in photo) Shit brown sheet metal. Garage and entrance doors around the back

Special features:

1. None of the windows open.

2. The upper right balcony is dead space, the “loft” interior makes it unreachable

I included a street shot too, just so you could get a feel for how well this blends in with the architecture of its 90-110 year old neighbors.

What, the windows don’t open?!? Don’t the good people of Georgia like fresh air?

This building is new and it already looks morose and severe, like a grouchy, grabby boss in a mustard colored suit who tells you to come in on Saturday and takes up too much space.

We at CSC are still laughing…sympathy to the neighbors…we understand.