Discovery Place condominiums

4309 34th Avenue W

Developer: James Paul Jones

Architect: James Paul Jones

Discover Place condos

Discover pale beige! Discover the bunker lifestyle!

We find this building a little martial and scary, and wonder if it goes underground for seven stories and is filled with nuclear secrets and code breakers working round the clock.

It also looks like a military pre-school.

They were going to have “T” for terrible in the front but they ran out of little windows.

9 thoughts on “Discovery Place condominiums”

  1. Nothing prepares you for a dark and gloomy Seattle Winter like living in a dark and gloomy condo all year long. Living here would permanently remove the S from SAD.

  2. The drug companies must have their hands in the developer/architect’s pocket. Everyone in this building has to be on an anti-depressant. How dreary.

  3. Sigh. I am feeling despondent. I think I’ll lie down now and make my “Discovery” later. I don’t even have the energy to look away. . . but oh so much want to. I-am-getting-very-sleepy-too-much-beige . . . zzzzzzz

  4. The only way that I would move into this building is if I was forced to call other tenents “Comrade” and we all had to march in single file lines to our cheap condominiums. That way it would be sort of an eastern-europe-under-a-totalitiarian-regime esthetic that could work in an ultra trendy city such as Seattle. I went to a medieval themed restraunt in Orlando when I was seven and I got a long plastic jousting thing. I really enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t want to experience 1970’s Bulgarian public housing. Good job developers. This is starting to work for me.

    P.S. You should add listening devices into the walls and occassionally hall off a tenent in the middle of the night with a black hood over their head. That might make your concept more complete and authentic.

  5. Mikey! Great idea! That would ensure a steady rate of turn-over as well, which would keep rent from stagnating. You may have a future in management!

  6. Too monolithic? Too beige & grey? Not ADHD enough for you?
    First you criticize for being too many colors & materials in one project, now it’s too bland & monochromatic?

  7. What a stanhe tangent of ideas!! This building was one of the most modern of its time. I can find a million other condos much much worse than this, say university district, North Seattle, West Seattle, etc. Of all the ones to choose from, this wouldn’t be my pick to create stranger than fiction stories about.

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