Dwell Roosevelt condominiums

1026 NE 65th St.


This mishmash condo comes with a smokestack.

Who knows what they’re incinerating in there.

Oh, the smell, that’s why the windows are so small.

Now that’s urban planning for you.

This building is such a unique neighborhood landmark, you can say, “Meet me in front of the baby blue, copper, salmon, beige, sandstone building for lunch.”

5 thoughts on “Dwell Roosevelt condominiums”

  1. Is this an urban garbage incinerator . . . or could it be that it is really a new mod salmon smoke house? Wait, coffee roasting. No, home brew beer. Whatever they’re incinerating in there, I say PLEASE choose a facade and stick with it. Enough of the patchwork paneling!!!!

  2. It’s good design taste thats going up In smoke. From these pic’s,there must be alarms going off all over town.And the planning commission Is fiddling while Seattle burns.

  3. And they ruined the nice backyard feel of the patio at Teddy’s. (reminds me of the stupid townhouses that ruined the ambiance of Sambar’s patio.)

  4. If you somehow find this page and comment, and are considering living here – please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. The building is extremely cheaply made. Sound travels easily, and you will be hearing your neighbors (next door, and upstairs if you aren’t on the top floor) walking around, closing doors/cabinets, and sometimes even speaking. Your unit will also shake when your neighbors let their front door slam – and they will. You will also have the pleasure of listening to the Roosevelt Station construction happening right next door, which is no problem if you enjoy listening to construction equipment 24hrs a day. I have been her for about 4 months and cannot wait to leave. Thankfully I lease and do not own one of these cheap condos. Please. please consider looking elsewhere for your next home.

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