Sapphire condominiums

424 North 85th Street


Clearly, Bozo the design clown got this contract.

We’ve read this was a conversion rather than new construction.

It appears to be a self-storage building converted to a cheerfully striped mega-shed.

Just so you know, we don’t just toss the word “mega” around.


This wee house surrounded by no parking signs is the immediate neighbor.


Howdy, neighbor!!!

7 thoughts on “Sapphire condominiums”

  1. The house will sell before the condos. Sapphire is definitely a diamond in the rufff… that’s bow-wow, ruff-ruff. Imagine romantic evenings spent sitting on your deck watching the street lights change. Actually, once folks start moving in and storing tricycles, BBQs, spare beds on the lanais, that’s when the place will really gets it’s character.

  2. Red and white stripes? This aint no condo.Its Clown College or a barber school. Obviously the architect was inspired by the first but would of been better off attending the later.

  3. damn, you’re not kidding with the name of your blog. Seattle really is full of ugly condos being built, and when looking through all of the photos, this one has to be one of the ugliest. it looks like these have all been built by developers that are trying to build them as ass-cheap as possible and then sell them for higher. here in Chicago there are some ugly ones, but – for one thing – buildings need to be built with brick, so we don’t have any of the ugly painted wood. and there’s a supposed law that mandates fitting in with the rest of the block, in size and looks (though this doesn’t always happen). we do have our fill of cheap cookie-cutter condos being put up that have a brick facade in the front and then cinder block everywhere else. Anyway, I wish Seattle well – these buildings really are horrendous, and that’s not even with the view of the surroundings. ugh. Scotty Z. (

  4. Ooooh, cinder blocks….
    One little problem with all-brick facades out here in earthquake country, scottyz: they turn into scree slopes after a few seconds of lurching. And since no one around here carries an umbrella, it would kind of suck to be a pedestrian in front of THAT building!

    With an inspired mind, even constructivism and modernism can be attractive and interesting.

  5. Nothing revives a run down neighborhood like a stack of cargo containers blatantly displayed in a visible location. Oh look! They added more living (?) space by pushing some of the walls out just like those fancy mobile homes that dot the landscape in the Arkansas Ozarks. Why, sho’ ‘nuf Uncle Geezer, y’all kin come and feel rat at home so longs as you-un don’t try puttin’ an outhouse on the cement railed ledge outside. Besides, we gots us some of that indoor plumming though we don’t use it because the dog hates when us-ens crap in his water bowl. Say hey to Aunt Caramella and tell her we’s a prayin’ that the Good Lord will stop her colitis so she kin go to church without droppin’ her load before the colectshun plates is passed.

  6. This looks like another Mastro building. The vinyl windows in the first floor commercial space are a dead give away. Mastro buildings are simply not suitable for condominiums.

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