Marlborough condominiums

1224 Boren Ave.



This is a beautiful building on First Hill and definitely deserving preservation.

We at CSC weep to see it unfinished and in foreclosure, empty and no good to anyone when so many people who lived there must have been happy before being evicted for a condo conversion.

In the spirit of gambling we suggest a house sitting lottery. Maybe a bake off, pie eating contest or bingo tournament to allow people to live in and care for this lovely building. Who needs another empty condo. We are sure that buildings miss their tenants.

Maybe the nice gentleman Kevin will be so kind as to arrange such a competition

Cheers and best of luck! (We already know what we’re going to bake.)

10 thoughts on “Marlborough condominiums”

  1. So sad that a beautiful historic building sits empty. I heard they were converting back to apartments after not registering any sales at all.

  2. I hope someone gets to live in this place. Of course, since it is on Boren, you’d want the top…which must have a great view. It puzzles me why developers construct buildings as horrific as the Death Star or the Montage (a mere few blocks away) when there are great examples like this building…or the public library building.

    Sigh. I am ready to bake!!

  3. I do kinda like this building, but it is interesting that Kevin’s phone number is totally out of the locality.

    I beg to differ with Samantha- The public library is a horror. They might as well paint it elementary school green as far as I’m concerned. This building here looks more like a library should look…

  4. This is a beautiful building and what they have done (or not done) to it is criminal. Almost as bad as what they did to the Decatur right around the corner.

  5. Oh, Oh, Oh, The Marlborough!
    I delivered The Seattle Times to several of its tenants in 1968.
    Each apartment had a small pass-thru cupboard, next to the door, and I put the newspaper in the cupboard instead of on the floor.
    Collecting was a snap! I don’t recall any tenant ever telling me to “come back next week.”


  6. It’s a shame what greed is capable of doing. Evict happy tenants then curse them for your failure to profit from their misfortunes. I wonder if the contractor has ties to Goldman-Sachs?

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