Vine condominiums

2607 Western Ave


…Another medley building.

Burnt sienna? Mocha? Navajo beige? Stone that floats?Ahhh! I can’t decide… All of them, give me ALL of them!

Clearly this building is suffering from disease known as Mangoltberg’s Syndrome or Hesitantly Indecisive Disorder (H.I.D.) Scientists have been unable to agree whether this is a disabling or incapacitating manifestation or a disease. While contagion among humans has been reported, HID is most manifest in new condominium and townhouse construction.

Take the questionnaire to see if you are suffering from H.I.D.

5 thoughts on “Vine condominiums”

  1. OMG!! I have HID! I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. Either way, developers, please stop with the horrible multi-colored buildings in Seattle. A variety of super shitty siding does not suddenly make said super shitty siding fabulous.

  2. Kit- LOL. I think that you should trade to copywrite that term “Super Shitty”. If you don’t, posthaste, I’m going to open a collectibles store in that first floor space and call it Super Shitty.

  3. Didn’t they rent a ground floor commercial space of this building to the Scientologists?

  4. i think places like this make life interesting..what’s wrong with diversity and a little color here and there?…it’s nice to see some modern buildings mixed in with the old ones….makes it a little less monotonous and boring

  5. monotonous and boring?

    I certainly needed more corrugated metal and concrete pillars to liven up my life. I hate it when you have to walk by block after block of quality craftsmanship. I think Paris would be a lot better if they threw up a Memphis Strip Mall every few blocks. You must love Reno.

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