Fini condominiums

6801 Greenwood Ave. N.


The multi-color craze spreads to Phinney Ridge. When you can’t decide on your favorite color, just use them all.

Daffodil, sage, daffodil, sage, “brick,” . . . repeat.

This mixed-up behemoth looms over Greenwood Ave. like a windblown spore from Belltown.

OMG, it’s a pandemic!!


4 thoughts on “Fini condominiums”

  1. I think that masked man is looking directly into my soul!

    And yes, the Belltown condo bug is spreading in all its multi-colored, multi-paneled horror.
    When you drive up 57th this place fills the view at the end of the street. UGH!

  2. This style of condo always reminds me of the “It’s a small world” ride at Disneyland. As opposed to going past the Holland exibit or the Japanese area this color scheme seems to harken back to strip malls, and dental office waiting rooms from across the midwest. I hear that if you put your ear to one of these units and listen very carefully you can hear an Earth, Wind and Fire instrumental.

  3. Regarding the modern version of this . . .

    Lasting many decades, maybe even a century, like those buildings made of actual real life stone and brick would be a complete impossibility for this row of particle board and vinyl siding condos. Plus, those older buildings appear to be designed and built by different people, not one block long development of bland. I guess my problem with this new style of condo is that they’re uninteresting to look at, and only get worse with time. Nothing like streaked and buckled siding to really show they won’t last. One of these buildings in my neighborhood has been covered in Christo ( style plastic sheeting for almost two years as they replace every bit of siding because it was molding after less than a decade. No, these buildings will not last. The only pity in that is the eyesore they create as we watch them deteriorate.

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