Bellagio condominiums

745 Bellevue Ave. Ebellagio-condos

The Facadio is more like it. It looks like stone, ’till you knock on the facade, only to realize it’s made of delicious Italian nougat and rice cake. You can snack on it while waiting for the bus.

You’ve got the aqueduct archways, Rapunzel tower and Embassy Suites attachment.

We’re all for roof top decks, eaves and balconies, but this is quite a Mediterranean medley.

Like a sweaty uncle at the wedding who won’t button up his shirt and wears a lot of cologne, it’s heavy on the grope.

We’ve been groped by an Italian nougat building… That’s a whole lot of wrong.

9 thoughts on “Bellagio condominiums”

  1. Awesome. Best yet. Waiting for my wife to come ask what I’m laughing so hard about. Dead on with the Embassy Suites.

  2. It is widely belived in the Bellagio neighborhood that no one really lives in this building. It’s completely staged. Lights and gigantic flat screen televisions run on timers and occasionally people are hired to pose as residents.
    One positive to this building – the Mercato Bellagio. On the ground floor you’ll find this sweet little grocery run by a wonderful man working his tail off (15-16 hours a day). He is not affiliated with the Facadio. He knows my name and has given me free beer!

  3. I want to see the Ferrero Rocher building or the Orange Marshmallow Peanut building. Maybe you can pull off a piece and eat it – very avant garde and WIlly Wonka.

  4. CAM! Between this atrocity, The Mode right across the street and The Summit condos up the way, Las Vegas wannabe’s and sheit have overtaken what used to be one of my favorite little nooks on Bellevue Ave…Thanks Greg!

  5. I’m sorry I wandered into this lobby. Due to the facade I thought it was a Cineplex.

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