Balfour Point condominiums

415 W. Republican St.


A hefty piece of the Death Star fell out of orbit to land in Queen Anne.
It narrowly missed the tiny house next door.

Now in Seattle, this building offers stern looking corrugated siding, and tough squinty windows for discerning members of the Galactic Empire. This substation boasts fetching interiors with a formidable array of turbolasers, tractor beams, trash compactors, as well as all manner of detention blocks and interrogation cells.

The building has easy, smooth walkways for convenient android access.


25 thoughts on “Balfour Point condominiums”

  1. why don’t you grow some balls and let everyone know who writes this crap. you are a pathetic human being if you can’t even let your identity know. i hope you can sleep at night, if you really love this city stop being so negative especially when you don’t know what you are talking about

  2. James,

    I’m sorry about your substantial losses on this piece of junk. I guess someone hurt your feelings by mentioning the obvious. Whatever idiot on Seattle’s zoning board that approved this is either blind or got a wonderful kickback.

  3. It looks like a giant 5 year old child used freight containers for a Lego set. Sorry James. Sad but true.

  4. I disagree, it is a beautiful high end residense inside, has a great security system throughout the building, friendly people who care about each other, and if I had the money I would love to live there.


  5. Yeah, and the turbolaser batteries are cool too!

    Don’t be too proud of this technological terror they’ve constructed, Bob. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

  6. Oh, jeez, that is UGLY. “High-end” residences? THERE ARE NO WINDOWS!!! WTF. You couldn’t pay me to live there. Maybe it was designed for vampires moving in from Forks?

  7. I’ll happily, ballsily (I guess!?) state that this piece of shit never deserved to get out of whatever first year design class it was conceived in. The best thing about all of the recent slap-together condo construction in Seattle, and elsewhere, is that they are so cheaply built that demolition will be quick and simple. Hopefully by then a creative generation of architects will be working.

    I still can’t get over how amazingly bad the design is on this building. Do they at least have enough financing to finish it?

  8. If you’ve ever dreamed of the styling and comfort a maximum security prison combined with the elegant simplicity and construction standards of a Port-O-Let…

  9. James: I’m sorry this condo reminds you so much of your past incarceration with the State of Washington. However given the tone of your post this POS building might remind you of the good times when you were locked down. Cheers!

  10. Ken and Barbie sold separately.

    The developer must have held a design contest for the building at a local elementary school.

  11. Obviously none of you have sseen the front or inside of this building as it is all windows with fabulous views of Elliot Bay sunsets and boats, there is so much sun I had to buy more shades to protect my furnature. It was also re built with higher quality materials after the builder got caught trying to cut corners! If you don’t like the Blue Grey and Yellow that’s your opinion and that’s fine, but go down on Elliott Street and look up at all the windows and balconys before you call me a Vampire! Lovin my views!!!!

  12. Ok the expression don’t judge a book by the cover is a frequently used expression for a reason. I live in this so called “crapshit building” and all of my friends are jealous because of the large windows (that normal length sized shades don’t even cover the whole window) with the spacious view of the water, city, and mountains. The sun shines in so brightly and the condo floor itslef is huge. It’s really nice that the elevator opens in to your house because you get the whole floor. Sure the outside is not appealing but you need more info before you assume. Assume makes and ass you and you and me.

  13. ok look .. if you dont like it dont look at it, unless you plan on buying or renting . my guess is you dont have to worry about that as well if all buildings looked the same it would be rather boring i think … its got small windows.. and thats it… maybe a student designed it i think death star is a little overboard I LOVE OUR DIVERSE CITY

  14. Yeah . . . don’t look at it. That’s the point. When a building is built in a community everyone HAS TO look at it. I too love our diverse city, and really hope that design atrocities like this stop popping up around town. That’s why poking fun at these craptacular buildings is hilarious. My guess is that even a student wouldn’t call for small menacing windows . . . perhaps a budget constraint?

    Death Star it is. I only wish it were far away in outer space.

  15. I don’t want to look at shipping container. In fact, I think this is what led us to create zoning law. If this was in the middle of a Memphis suburb or on the strip in Reno then no one would care. This just shows the complete failure of our city government to do anything except collect campaign contributions from developers. I’m sure the inside is wall to wall sunlight despite the windows that look like coin slots. I find it amazing that this building could have any fans aside from the developers – but maybe someone loves ticky-tacky. If their are any architectural gods the builder and developer will be damned to Reno for all eternity.

  16. To Proud Owner with no Spell Check and Anonymous: so happy you like your views from INSIDE your building; I would say the best thing about your view is that your condo is not in it. The rest of us don’t have any choice but to see the exterior and comment on how disgusting it is. Admit it, your condo’s exterior isn’t contemporary or cutting edge or even simply innocuous, it is aggressively, horribly ugly.

  17. James – do you like those windows? James – you’re not the architect are you, naughty boy if you are.

    Aside from having shitty elevations, there’s no glazing, what a shitty place to live. Is it a prison or perhaps it’s missile silo or a data centre… Rule number one: living spaces need natural light.

  18. Another thing, anon, not judging a book by it’s cover makes sense. There is no way to judge a building without including the exterior in your assessment.

    As a cook, if I put something on a plate that looks like shit and smells like shit, it doesn’t matter how good it tastes. That would be a better metaphor for the design of this building.

  19. I wish there were some pictures on here of other buildings on this street or nearby. There are some seriously hideous buildings that can’t be torn down soon enough.

    Balfour Pointe is a building with more modern design, not just the cookie cutter look of many buildings in Belltown/Lower Queen Anne. Sure, that isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it does help create a neighborhood with a little bit of character.

    As others have pointed out, those who think this building looks like a prison really need to look at the other side, which is all windows oriented towards some awesome views. Why would residents want to look at their neighbors when they’ve got all of Seattle, Puget Sound and the Olympic mountain range on the other side of the building. You’ve also got to have some areas in a building that don’t have massive windows on all sides (bathrooms, closets, stairwells & elevator shafts) which is what you’re seeing on the backside of this building.

    Sure, the exterior design might not be for everyone, but anyone who has a chance to get inside one of the units in this building will have a very pleasent surprise.

  20. The focus of this hole discussion should be on the name “Balfour Point.” This is a slightly concealed (though no one seems to have noticed) name for pure hideous evil. Evil proven by the fact that all the good views (or good side of the building) are apparently faced away from any of the other people of the neighborhood (because they don’t care about those people). Come on, get with it, the name says everything about this place; “Evil.”

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