Ruby condominiums

2960  Eastlake Ave E.


Ruby – “Life Sparkles Here.”

Yeah, so does the air with I-5 car exhaust.

Move-in special includes ruby red earplugs to blunt the ocean sound of freeway traffic.

Is it the grand opening yet?

  • Corrugated metal facade…? Check!

  • Corporate color scheme…? Check!

  • Naked concrete…? Check!

No detail has been overlooked, bring on the sandwich boards and balloons.

Life under the bridge is sooo urban.


10 thoughts on “Ruby condominiums”

  1. You know it takes some real brainpower (and a soul-killing ethos) to meld a condo into a freeway. The pics really looks like they were composed in Photoshop. But any opportunity to show a picture of the Fremont Troll can’t be all that bad.

    Can it?

  2. Under the freeway and right on a busy street . . . Seriously, the air quality can’t be good. I bet the decks get “car soot” all over them. I wish the condo developer peops would realize that a little corrugated metal and bright color does not successfully camouflage a tacky, badly placed building.

    I’d rather live with the troll.

  3. It’s OK. When Juan de Fuca cuts loose, the overpass will topple over on top of these condos, crushing them like the soda can they resemble.

  4. At first glance I thought it is snuggled up next to the Viaduct, which is coming down someday, but noooooo……….

  5. Has anyone ever checked on the vacancy rate of the ground floor retail space on these mixed-use buildings?

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