University Townhomes

4341 8th Ave. NE


Cheapshitcondos spotted this building on a trip through the University District.

Completely taken aback by it, we believe that we have found the ugliest newly constructed building in Seattle.

Yes, we know it’s a rental, but still…

We dare you to find worse…

Good Luck!

8 thoughts on “University Townhomes”

  1. C’mon, the owner could have left it all one color, but decided to use something “zippy”.

  2. Condolences- Have you gotten your front end realigned yet from running up on the curb? I believe that the chainlink fence with wood slats is right on theme. These will sit vacant long after the economy turns around…

  3. You should see the new apts behind the Trader Joes on Capitol Hill! They are a lame Christmas green and red/orange-HIDEOUS! I believe they can’t be beat for ugliest building in Seattle!

  4. Hey, isn’t that the same paint scheme they had on the Partridge Family bus!?

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