Tobira condominiums

108 5th Ave S.


The nice thing about these condos is the fire department is conveniently located right across the street, so go ahead and smoke in bed.

The downside is you have to pay to park in your front yard…

Ok, so…what are the chutes for?

  • built-in pigeon coops
  • escape hatch
  • battleship canons for the neighborhood
  • convenient garbage disposal
  • beauty…?

We don’t know. You decide…

4 thoughts on “Tobira condominiums”

  1. The street-level commercial space is now a sales center for the condos, but I’m waiting to see if the bail bond place is going to return. It’s where I used to meet my drug dealer — now I’ve got to walk a couple extra blocks to the park by the County Courthouse.

  2. Regarding the chutes: Purely decoration. In Kent this is what is known lovingly as “Warehouse Chic”. Units here should be relatively affordable- In new construction, when you can reuse an existing foundation economies can be reaped, as well as patina preserved… [gag]

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