Lumen condominiums

501 Roy St.

Diagnosis: Condo anemia with complications of stripmall signage.

Symptoms include: pale appearance, weariness, apathy, listlessness, susceptibility to aggressive stripmall signage.

If left untreated, further spread of signage rash and complete decrepitude.

Get well soon!

9 thoughts on “Lumen condominiums”

  1. I did work at this place when it was being built… at the time it was the most expensive condo in Seattle, at $600 per square foot, meaning a 900 sf studio would cost you $540,000. for this you received raw concrete floor and ceilings and ikea style kitchen and bathroom. they did have these cool retractable window/walls that led out to the patio, but sadly every one of the was installed incorrectly and not one of the would lock, so your condo was open to the world.

  2. Chr*st- This place BEGS for grafitti! The only bit of character present is the cool little rooftop water tower made to look like the space needle… No wait- That IS the Space Needle! … hence the decks on the opposite side of the building…

  3. While you may find it easy to leave snarky comments in response to wonderful photographs such as this, you might want to note that this is the back of the building. Yes, most buildings (including houses) have facades with utilitarian purposes (i.e. parking, garbage, recycling). I live near Lumen and have toured the building. Overall it is a well designed building and a great addition to the neighborhood. Before you pan architecture, you might want to spend some time trying to understand it.

  4. Understand what? Look at the freaking concrete near the elevators. It has bubbles the size of quarters in it. I do understand it. Someone thinks that dressing up junk construction as “modern” will make it appeal to idiots who know nothing about building. If they spent less on marketing crap and more on building something decent then they might be able to sell it. This building is basically a warehouse. Explain the corrugated metal on the side. The front of the building has a giant Office Max sign. I hope I never understand spending $600,000 on this. The developer, builder and agents that seem to love this place so much would enjoy East German government housing. It is quite similar.

  5. Mikey, I bet you like and quote “understand” the town houses that try to look like turn of the century craftsman houses. This building is a good example of architecture that is not run of the mill developer blow and go. I have toured this building and from an architecture and construction stand point this building is far better than a lot of developer construction in town. There are some features that I find weird but at least the design has thought associated with it.

  6. The only thought associated with the design of this building is “How can I charge these idiots luxury prices to live above an Office Max.” I don’t find the building weird. I find it cheap, tacky, overpriced, and basically ridiculous. This is not I. M. Pei, this is an east texas strip mall with some angular decks.

  7. I’m betting if the moderator looked that arChidol and j
    says are the same i.p. address. Further if they’re not then j says;
    you don’t have to say quote when you are using quotation marks.
    This thing is overall hideous and clearly the developer thought
    they could save money by putting new siding over existing to avoid
    demolition costs. Enjoy your mold bungalow.

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