Open Letter to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Seattle City Council. recently attended a public forum presented by the Mayor and his staff at Terra Plata restaurant on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. We left the forum newly aware that our mayor doesn’t understand or seem to care that Seattle is being bulldozed by greedy, single-minded developers bent on erasing neighborhood character and supplanting it with high rent, cheaply built apartments/condos coupled with strip mall aesthetics. We have written a response and included the contacts for the Mayor and the City Council. Please add your name and any other thoughts and forward the letter to them.


I feel I must take this opportunity to express my extreme disappointment with Mayor McGinn’s question and answer meeting at Terra Plata on Capitol Hill. As a long time resident of Seattle, I am concerned about low quality development. I am very pleased with the the light rail and other mass transit improvements coming to the Hill. However, the destruction of character buildings is a blight on our neighborhood. 

The issue is not density nor incentives for developers to build. Rather, the core issue is developing a long term vision backed by laws which preserve the attributes of Capitol Hill that make it an attractive neighborhood for businesses, residents, visitors and developers/investors.

Mayor McGinn’s attitude of we’ll wait and see, and there’s not much we can do is the weakest of leadership and extremely short sighted.  A vibrant neighborhood with unique, local small businesses and historic, character buildings is what creates the higher property values and encourages development. Development with an eye on preservation is the best path towards sustaining neighborhood value to businesses and builders, as well as residents and visitors.

I hope that the city will provide some pro-active leadership, if not from our apparently weak Mayor, then from the City Council.  

I and many of my neighbors care greatly about our Capitol Hill community. We will work hard to preserve it, and will definitely watch carefully whether or not our local politicians can rise to the challenge of real, innovative leadership.



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4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Seattle City Council.”

  1. I hope the Mayor and City Council have the nerve to do something productive about the rampant crap development on the hill. How about some political will?

  2. Seems like Seattle is a desperate dater…willing to go out with any developer who asks. I say, get some self respect! Be picky! Stop allowing crap developers to walk all over you.

  3. Listening to McGinn speak made me angry about his lack of conviction. The character of our neighborhoods is what makes the city! Please care. Do something!

  4. Sometimes I just want to take the Seattle political establishment on a trip to San Francisco. Look, a city can be bustling, dense and preserve its buildings.

    Remember Seattle wanted to tear down Pike Market too. Good thing Steinbrueck stepped in back in the day.

    I vote in Seattle and am paying attention.

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