Citizen apartments

1222 East Madison, Seattle

Developer: Wallace Properties

Architect: Kevin Cleary at Baylis Architects


Uh oh, oooh noooo!  Are those cantaloupe accents on the windows?  Hey!  Maybe the sills are scratch and sniff, and the building will waft sweet melon on the breeze.  Otherwise, this is truly unsupportable . . . and we would have preferred strawberry.

In keeping with the neighborhood doesn’t mean matching the Public Storage on the next block. 

Sigh.  Here we go again.

May we suggest a “housing recovery” that doesn’t assault the senses.


5 thoughts on “Citizen apartments”

  1. I like the orange accents, but to each his own! I’ve been watching this go up and I think they did a great job of seating it within the surrounding architecture. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for several years and was glad to see the auto shop go.

  2. Maybe the orange super grid is a reference to the red-orange grid windows of their next door neighbor Aylesan Brewry? Or maybe you’re just a S.A.D. chromaphobic Seattlite…?

  3. I also live in the neighborhood and was pleased by this addition. The building looks wonderful next toTrace North. They managed to meld the brick on the lower exterior nicely with that on the south side of Trace. I even did a hard hat tour last Saturday to snoop at what the apartments look like and they are really quite cool! I suggest you go check them out instead of just writing on this blog and being passive aggressive.

  4. Oh by the way… Completely leased all apartments in less than 4 months.
    Clearly the public has spoken in favor of this project.

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