Astoundingly Beautiful Funeral

711 Bellevue Ave E.

We at CSC were a bit down in the mouth after wandering though these old digs.  Big, old houses with lives and details to spare…if only the walls could talk.


The prognosis is terminal. They’re coming down and the predictable multi units are going up. We cross our fingers for something good, or dare we hope even great, but we wouldn’t bet on that pony.

Hooray for the art, and so much love for the neighborhood. People wandering through kept commenting on how much they loved the houses, and writing longing letters of unrequited residential adoration in the guest books.

A secret shout out to the little red house in the back. We love you.


Will anyone ever love the new condos/apartments/giant vinyl crates this much?




One thought on “Astoundingly Beautiful Funeral”

  1. This is exactly the kind of the thing that I hate about “urban renewal”… Raze something with beauty and character and soul, and put in an overpriced, lifeless crackerbox. Wonderful. Oh, and then call it green, too! Super.

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