Helix Apartments

4751 12th Avenue Northeast

Developer: Harbor Properties

Architect: Baylis Architects

Now that we are waiting for the cheapshit condo market to rebound, we have scrap ex-condo parts to make apartments.

Sadly, they look just like condos. Here we have a mixed up box of reject crayon colors.

Same flashy name, same flashy exteriors. There’s even a suicide jumper catcher at the bottom corner. It probably brought their insurance down. A penny saved is a penny earned in these times.

Was this made by the ADHD architect firm?

Yet again the trees are going to have to do all the work in beautifying/obfuscating the building.

3 thoughts on “Helix Apartments”

  1. Is the exterior finished with Dry-Vit, aka EIFS? That’s what it looks like to me. The only question about this building is how long until it is draped in plastic to clean up the rot and mold and re-do the exterior in an impervious finish. I don’t understand why builders and architects continue to try to use that crap up here.

  2. Oh the multiple colored facades… When will the madness end?!? In my neighborhood a hideous salmon colored building was wrapped like a Cristo art project for two years while the developers ripped down the siding and replaced the windows due to rot and leakage. I have to say that the building was better wrapped in sheeting than as a putrid salmon eyesore. Alas it has emerged as an ode to avocado.

  3. Helix has NO EIFS products on exterior but uses James Hardie cement board siding & metal siding products which are recommended for this climate with rain screen construction behind the facade materials noted.

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