Lusty Lady, Bone Voyage!

1315 1st Avenue

The menage à trois with the pressing condos is coming to an end.

Is it too much to ask that this building not be torn down?

We realize this is some seriously valuable air above waiting to be lego-ed in with a skinny condo or pop out neighbor expansion. Still, we vote for a slice of light and some historic personality. How about it Seattle? Don’t kill the little building, she holds many fond mammaries and great tails.

Sure, the developers want to fill that slot with a steel rod building. Not to put a kink in those plans, but we want to feel respected.

Come on DPD, stand firm, don’t let us down.

Bone Voyage!

3 thoughts on “Lusty Lady, Bone Voyage!”

  1. Really, please don’t tear down that little building. The contrast in scale makes the smaller building seem even more historic and shows its old brick detail. Maybe it could become three stories of fun: one for a restaurant/cafe/bar, two for a performance type space, and three for a lucky, lucky resident. I think it would add to the block.

  2. What’s really sad is the fact that the developer who plans to knock down this building most likely refers to it as “that eye-sore”. Let’s just hope that it’s lovely, well-planned out facade is replaced by something of high caliber like the buildings on either side of it. (Leaving the room to puke.)

  3. So what IS the plan for this building? The marquee states that space is for lease…they’ve been gutting the building for quite some time, off and on…they are now removing the fire escape on the west side . . ..

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