McGuire Apartments

210 Wall Street

Developer: Carpenter’s Tower LLC

Architect: in hiding

Local papers report:

Developer Surprised That Rock Bottom, Cheap-Assed Construction Doesn’t Last.

That’s right, so badly constructed, it’ll be torn down this year.

This tower of low standards and quick money was constructed in 2001 and is soon to be demolished. We at CSC hate to see people tossed out in the streets because their building is coming apart and hope everyone gets loads of compensation, free-packing services, kegs for moving day and a year’s worth of massage.

Cheapshitcondos is taking bets on the next building(s) to follow.

(A note to the builders: Waterproof grout is essential in Seattle.)

6 thoughts on “McGuire Apartments”

  1. With this project having been approved, I am now certain that the Department of Planning and Development is on the take. I imagine a conversation that went something like this:

    Developer: We want to construct a super cheap building that will make us lots of money fast.

    DPD: Fine, we want a kickback.

    Developer: Ok.

  2. The danger of cheapshit building has arrived! The total horror of having the sight of these awful buildings seared onto my retina is bad enough. However, the ACTUAL possibility that some of these terrible buildings may be structurally dangerous is a real concern. I hope the city is on it and taking a careful look at some of the worst construction. This one is particularly bad since it’s so tall, but even a four or five story structure that is failing is a danger. Yikes, I say! Bad design and bad construction = disaster.

  3. Mr. Davenport Sez: “With this project having been approved, I am now certain that the Department of Planning and Development is on the take.” and then proceeds to explain the conversation. I don’t disagree.

    But remember this kiddies, these are the same types of corrupt and incompetent bureaucrats who will now be controlling your health care.

  4. “remember this kiddies” – what an idiot

    So let me get this straight. According to conservatives the government is not supposed to do anything because free enterprise will take care of it. The Republican’s have been railing against regulation for as long as I can remember. Then the government kills regulation in construction, predatory lending and just about everything else.

    Now we have banks that don’t work, foreclosures, and buildings that are structurally unstable. Then we have people like this fool who say – “look the government can’t do anything.”

    So the answer is that we allow the government to do even less? We should strip away the last of the regulations because that will make the situation so much better as opposed to installing stricter regulation and spending more tax money to hire building inspectors. Good work. You seem to have a very solid understanding of the problem.

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