Summit Condos

900 Summit Ave E

OMG! We totally saw this cardboard and red rubberband building kit on Etsy. This must be the beginner’s building set.

We suggest one or two more giant rubberbands to keep the boxes from falling into the neighbor’s yard.

We do hope it is easy to move, maybe folds up for convenient shipping, because it was obviously delivered to the wrong address.

Buy this at auction and take it away. It’ll be your New Year’s gift to the neighborhood.

13 thoughts on “Summit Condos”

  1. I’ll bet the people in the green house are just loving this place. I don’t think a six foot red fence is quite enough to shield them from the atrocity.

  2. I’m with you Jeff. The first thing I thought is “OMG, the poor neighbors”! Imagine that crap building next to your own house.

  3. The poor neighbourhood, as well as the poor person who resides in the green home next to the “cardboard” box monstrosity. The developer must have been inspired by the box his/her tulip table cam in. What an obvious demonstration of cost cutting measures by the developer in order to produce a structure that frankly wouldn’t be fit to find shelter within during a rain storm. Summit indeed, more like a gateway to architectural Hell that fails miserably to blend in harmoniously with the neighbourhood’s aesthetic tradition. The least that the developer and their boring architect could have done would have been to add decent landscaping to the place as well as a better looking and more inviting entry to said overgrown suburban nightmare. What’s up with the colour choice, they must have had a sale on ugly beige that day. No wonder the developer couldn’t sell and had to go to auction. Ugggggggggggggh. These condo’s so need a colour change of perhaps a deep forest green or dark basil.

  4. Hey, I live in San Francisco and this looks like Beverly Hills compared to the lego shacks people buy here…cheapshit starting at $1.5 million!

  5. I think I saw these condos on an in flight magazine. The y were sandwiched between that cubic zirconium cuff links that I’m now wearing and a giant stuffed unicorn. I would have gotten in on this “Deal of a Lifetime!!!” but I kept waiting them to throw in the collectible Lord of the Rings steak knives.

  6. I am truly ignorant of the answer to this question, hopefully someone in the construction industry will be able to set me straight: do the contractors of unadorned boxes like these actually spend money on an architect, or do they just go to a structural engineer and have them shoe-horn into them as many units as possible? I don’t know anyone in the architectural industry, but presume, as in the culinary field, not everyone who ties on an apron is going to become Thomas Keller. America has far more hamburger flippers than real cooks. I suspect the architectural profession reflects that as well.

  7. When I did a Google ‘Street View” of this address, I got a picture of another, older building. Summit Tower.
    It looks as if this was another apartment converted to condos project.

  8. Maybe naming the rubber-band project “Belt On Hill” would stimulate sales. Just sayin’…

  9. After climbing to the summit of this pile, I wanted to cry out,
    “Let my people go, Pharaoh!”

    Btw, remember kiddies, all of these buildings had to go through
    a design review board full of wonderful residents, well-wishers,
    landscape architects, architects, designers, and really smart
    folks, before the developers could get their MUP.
    Wow. Cream of the crop. Best of the best.
    Defenders of the Faith of Cheap Ass Condos.

  10. This building was a lot better when it was painted dark brown and you didn’t notice it so much. Apparently they never sold any of the units even at auction because it’s now rentals based on the fact that there’s a “now leasing” sign in front now.

  11. According to King County Parcel Viewer, this was a conversion. The building was originally constructed in 1968.

    Though not pretty, hopefully being from that era the original construction is of decent quality.

    And yep, another dumbass developer claiming bankruptcy!

    Here’s the link to the properties Parcel Viewer page:

  12. Developers are so ├╝bersmart! They always build structures that fit right in with the existing neighborhood.

  13. I actually live in the building and they are nice units for a reasonable price. I had been searching for a year before finding this building. It looks much better now than it did 10 years ago as an apartment complex.

    you guys are al sniffing your own farts and thinking that they smell like roses.

    try being a first time home buyer in an expensive urban market. We all can’t afford the creme de la creme.

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