West Water condominiums

6960 California Ave SW

Developer: Gamel/Mastro

Architect: in hidingWest Water condo

It’s like the flagstone stairs and the orange awnings are leading somewhere else.

Maybe the building is in the witness protection program and not really two abysmally beige condo boxes.

We suspect under the sober facade is a fun land of fountains, gambling and speakeasies.

On the record, these luxurious flagstone stairs lead to a fine (somber) example of West Seattle’s “luxury condos” with units around $239,000.  OMG!?

13 thoughts on “West Water condominiums”

  1. I’m thinking “Waste Water Condominiums”

    They say “Them That Can, Do. Them That Can’t, Teach”. Perhaps the in-hiding architect is now teaching Health at some highschool near you.

  2. It looks like they tore down the origional matching flagstone buildings and put up Waste Water in it’s place,saving money by leaving the old stairs.Hello,which of these things don’t go together??
    If the architect is teaching health,thank goodness. He sure shouldn’t be teaching architecture.

  3. I recently found this site and while I like its ideas, the West Coast of the United States has never been a bastion of memorable architecture.
    However, it has been a place where architecture did stand for permanence, and pride in one’s work and ethics.

    The condos here do show how we have entered the worst era of architectural design in the United States. With all the resources and ideas available, this is the best that developers have found themselves able to do with their time and resources.

    The issue with architecture that makes it separate from other business activity is that…
    “…architecture approaches nearer than any other art to being irrevocable, because it is so difficult to get rid of.” – G. K. Chesterton

    We are all married to these structures in a way and we are influenced by the cheapness and selfish motives of these investors, developers and architects.

    While I’m not expecting radical change, I’d like to see architecture move away from the cheapest, quickest on-budget building to an approach that considered lasting design aesthetic and a sense of responsibility to the community in which these buildings will reside for decades to come.


    Robert Davis


  4. This place looks tricky. Like the flagstone is doing a sort of bait and switch. Yeah, walk up these stone stairs to a world of . . . surprise, vinyl siding! Hah. Seriously though, what is up with all the uglies. I’d rather have space in Seattle occupied by structures that don’t cause a gag reflex.

  5. The top doesn’t even come close to matching the bottom. It’s like pairing a fashionable Italian skirt with a tacky made-in-China polyester blouse from Wal*Mart.

  6. I think JackN is onto something: I wonder if the drapes match the carpet inside…

    Oh, and Jack- Call me. You left your shirt in my closet…

  7. It’s a an older apartment house with a face-lift and new appliances.
    They tried to sell as condos, but the market collapsed, and they are now in some kind of financial limbo with empties, sold units and rented ones as well.
    Just another example of Seattle as Boomtown.

  8. It’s good to be wowed. Basic business principal. Don’t be a philistine…let’s get on with improving the way the city looks. It’s a labor of love (not hate).

  9. Seriously, what haters!

    We got our condo there for $125k, not $240k.. it’s actually really nice, and to the Robert Davis who claims they’re an example of “the worst era of archtectural design..” blah blah — they were designed & built in the 80s — refurbished in the last few years. So, not exactly an example of any era we have entered. They’re from a different era. They did a fine job of refurbishing it as far as I can tell. Our independent inspector gave the building high marks, found nothing wrong.

    The mortgage payments are less than renting a room in a house, and the market’s so low right now it’s definitely a good investment. I think we did alright buying there.

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