We at cheapshitcondos.com feel that the real estate housing boom of the last years has left our city with a rash of poorly constructed and designed condominiums and condo conversions that do not complement or enhance our neighborhoods. These buildings are often lacking quality materials and design, and are both visually and structurally poor.

These condo projects represent an uncaring and narrowly interested group of soulless developers and investors. The new ugly buildings aim to make a buck off the backs of our vibrant neighborhoods and residents, all the while enabled by the city government which, through ineffective regulation and oversight, seems to turn a blind eye to how these buildings will affect the neighborhoods. The developers pretend to build on the history and energy of our historic neighborhoods, yet wreck the them with their cheap designs, as well as make ridiculous parodies of neighborhoods in their advertisements.

We are not against all condo and apartment construction. There are examples that we do like, and will post at a later time. In the meantime, we will continue to post the ugly and thoughtless condominium architecture that we find most offensive and that diminishes the dynamics and beauty of our city.




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The new urban blandscape sweeping through Seattle